Success Stories


Rocco stole my heart the second I met him: wrapping all four legs around me and not letting go. He’s the sweetest and most loving companion anyone could wish for. He’s grown in 2 years from a very timid and submissive boy; lots of love has seen him come out of his shell where he doesn’t shiver, isn’t afraid of humans and has his tail up and wagging and a big goofy smile most of the time.

I’m forever grateful he came into my life and blessed our family with his unconditional love!


We are so blessed with our rescue boys!! Can’t believe our Marco man is one!!! Still so loving and affectionate.


Here’s Delta striking a pose… is it something you teach Jodie?🤣🤣 Rescued 💜

Here Delta isn’t too sure if she should back away from Foster-sibling Ajax! In the end she chose wisdom! Hehehe


This is our rescue dog, Devil. Actually it’s he that rescued us, from a big empty space on our couch and in our hearts . We could not have asked for a better family member!!! He has two canine brothers Nemo and Harry, and a feline brother Varley. He has fitted into our family so beautifully. Devil is our third rescue dog and we would not change anything about him!!! He is so perfect for our family 💐it is all about the love 💖


Here’s my dog Inda, and yes she rescued me! She melts my heart every time, a joy to be around.