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NAME: Zeus
BREED: Staffy cattle x
AGE/D.O.B: approx 12 weeks
SEX: Male

Zeus is a happy pupper, quite independent but loves being around people and dogs. He loves his food and is easily trained. He absolutely loves taking a nap and will sleep through just about anything. He is very playful and likes kids. He has been practicing his recall and stays with you when going on an off lead walk. He currentlylives with 2 dogs but is a bit shy with new dogs. He is getting better at walking on a lead and loves to explore. He would make a great family pet, and would be best suited to a home with another dog to play with.
Zeus is on tick and flea on heartworm treatment. will be desexed is vaccinated and micros chipped

To meet Zeus please contact FNQ Rescues R Us
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NAME: Puddin
BREED: Staffy Ridge x
AGE/ D.O.B: 10 weeks
SEX: female
ABOUT: Pudding

A sweet and loving little girl who adores people of any age and dogs big or small. Pud is proving to be good with chickens. Untested with cats. Pudding takes everything in her stride and has a happy go lucky attitude. She loves to run and play, she will happily chase the big dogs or try to wrestle with them even when they tell her not too, she will also keep herself amused playing her own games. After Pudding completes her adventures she is happy to curl up for a nap on her own or with anyone willing to snuggle. She has mastered sit (for food) other doggie manners eg: wait is a work in progress & making great improvement with toilet training Confident, cheeky, adventurous and calm this superstar pup would fit into any loving home. Puddin is vaccinated microchipped on tick and flea and heartworm treatment and will be Desexed when old enough For more info or to meet Puddin please contact FNQ Rescues R Us
49946911_1859494184160166_4396065358654472192_n.jpg 49897422_1859494037493514_3514479671397842944_n.jpg 49899214_1859494237493494_1726378958078869504_n.jpg 49897705_1859494140826837_7458863097856393216_n.jpg 50091199_1859494194160165_321045214783340544_n.jpg 49612624_1859494230826828_6217192622427996160_n.jpg 49897488_1859494120826839_7049187431874035712_n.jpg 49948880_1859494044160180_3718008881541021696_n.jpg


NAME: Henrick
BREED: Large mixed breed maybe dane staghound x
AGE/D.O.B: 8 months
SEX: male

ABOUT: This boy will fit into any home with his charms and cuteness. Henrick is a gentle soul who is very well behaved, great with other dogs as well as kids, does well on the lead when out for a walk and knows the basic commands. He will be easy to train more as he loves treats but loves cuddles even more, This guy really is the all round package
Henrick will be vaccinated microchipped Desexed on tick and flea and heartworm treatment.
To meet the gorgeous Henrick please contact FNQ Rescues R Us
50264342_1851251314984453_6823136250749255680_n.jpg 49792291_1851251261651125_4594165253394137088_n.jpg 50170564_1851251228317795_6718780154753056768_n.jpg 49947676_1851251254984459_2945448538206633984_n.jpg 49755978_1851251378317780_9083078789851774976_n.jpg 49897416_1851251301651121_7963428318122868736_n.jpg


NAME: Shera my scar is healing nicely now
BREED: Kelpie x
AGE/D.O.B: approx 11 months
SEX: Female

ABOUT: Shera is very sweet and LOVES people. She wants to follow her foster humans everywhere and likes to play in the yard. Shera loves running around being silly, especially when someone runs around with her. Shera has had a very rough start in life but that hasnt changed her , she still has a beautiful smile on her face all the time, even learning to have beautiful doggy manners. Shera is not a high energy really med to low energy and is just happy to chill with you. She is wonderful, obedient, sweet and well mannered. Shera is cat friendly making her just a wonderful all round girl
Shera will be vaccinated, microchiped, on flea, tick, intestinal & heartworm prevention desexed 
To Meet Shera please contact FNQ Rescues R Us

50255306_1859823917460526_1083877886689017856_n.jpg 49899116_1859823910793860_7939710052720443392_n.jpg 50227107_1859823807460537_1509346297742622720_n.jpg 49948385_1859823824127202_3479801001643343872_n.jpg 50338930_1859823774127207_7400967342433239040_n.jpg 49261885_1859823767460541_4759933098185981952_n.jpg 49947517_1859823850793866_8390316572350087168_n.jpg 50309838_1859823960793855_2228882916165812224_n.jpg 50395171_1859823857460532_312890446277771264_n.jpg


NAME: Comet
BREED: Staffy Ridge x
AGE/D.O.B: 9 weeks
SEX: male
ABOUT: Comet This gorgeous boy is great with cats kids and other dogs. Hes learning his manners and loves his people but is also happy chilling with his fur family.
Comet is vaccinated microchipped on tick and flea and heartworm treatment and will be Desexed when old enough
To meet the gorgeous Comet please contact FNQ Rescues R Us

50469977_1859821844127400_757562145738063872_n.jpg 49710254_1859821680794083_6102719335829078016_n.jpg 50250637_1859821820794069_4766583026115149824_n.jpg 50155013_1859821724127412_5887998626323496960_n.jpg 49348016_1859821774127407_7319216891971502080_n.jpg 49852068_1859821740794077_3631791536242425856_n.jpg 50900025_1859821784127406_1352180336141795328_n.jpg


NAME: Elfie 
BREED: Staffy Ridge x 
AGE/D.O.B: 10 weeks 
SEX: male 

ABOUT: Elfie  This boy loves love. Hes proving to be a very smart puppy with his manners. He is happy to be snuggled up to his people or chilling with his brother and foster fur friends. Hes great with cats kids and all other dogs.
Elfie is vaccinated microchipped on tick and flea and heartworm treatment and will be Desexed when old enough
To meet the gorgeous Elfie please contact FNQ Rescues R Us

50487786_1859820857460832_1190569323907776512_n.jpg 49899972_1859697427473175_1329855800511823872_n.jpg 50082535_1859697430806508_7510679279827419136_n.jpg 49947953_1859697154139869_8550167816223850496_n.jpg 50894924_1859697407473177_2788379681521401856_n.jpg 49241549_1859697484139836_2352230296688001024_n.jpg 49914650_1859697437473174_2876023677516775424_n.jpg 50755847_1859697174139867_9087416006741065728_n.jpg


NAME: Sassy 
BREED: Staffy cattle x 
AGE/D.O.B: 14 weeks 
SEX: female 

ABOUT: Sassy is showing medium energy, she loves to run around the yard and play tug of war with her foster brother, but she also is very happy to lay inside all day on rainy days with her humans. Sassy is progressing everyday with her manners and will sit and wait before being fed and is mastering “stay”. Anyone who meets Sassy will fall in love as she loves people. She is a clever girl and with continued ongoing training with make an excellent companion.
Sassy is vaccinated microchipped on tick and flea and heartworm treatment and will be Desexed when old enough
For more information on Sassy please contact FNQ Rescues R Us

50261784_1859626497480268_8828692919201300480_n.jpg 49899068_1859626530813598_5867696848491249664_n.jpg 50196271_1859626414146943_4246845198220394496_n.jpg 50071113_1859626344146950_1816241089934262272_n.jpg 50553630_1859626357480282_4229575199147687936_n.jpg 49896580_1859626470813604_7403761364688175104_n.jpg 49914692_1859626394146945_7076347370534862848_n.jpg 50467855_1859626444146940_4982280127715999744_n.jpg 50556271_1859629220813329_4069211874913157120_n.jpg


NAME: Tank
BREED: Great Dane x
AGE/D.O.B: approx 2 years
SEX: male 

ABOUT: Tank is very much a big gentle giant. He is super affecionate and loves to be close to his human. He will follow you around until you stop what you are doing and give him attention (it’s hard not too). He will get super excited when you come home and if he doesn’t get first picks for cuddles he will let you know what he thinks with his big bark. He is a dream to walk. Tank has really good recall, he knows sit, stay, shake and drop. He is not food aggressive and will sit and wait for his food. Tank loves tug ropes and squeezee balls to chew on. Tank makes a great guard dog, as he does get quite vocal when something is not right in his world.
Tank is vaccinated microchipped on tick and flea and heartworm treatment and Desexed
For more information on Tank please contact FNQ Rescues R Us

50411455_1859513377491580_8767500660414349312_n.jpg 49766453_1851382864971298_2650895158446391296_n.jpg 49503020_1859513347491583_397814894751121408_n.jpg 49753026_1851382811637970_1906011459813376000_n.jpg 50221072_1859513344158250_6713723737000116224_n.jpg 49729252_1851382891637962_2140718387314032640_n.jpg 49997391_1851382848304633_6293593321755377664_n.jpg 49345092_1851382801637971_3984138983780122624_n.jpg 49650839_1851382911637960_2344034335151095808_n.jpg 49836998_1851382944971290_3786701261328351232_n.jpg